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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturay - 8 Am to 5 Pm

Affiliated to CISCE

New Delhi (Home Centre for ICSE & ISC)

About Us

About us

Welcome to HS Memorial School

Incepted in 2003, HS Memorial School represents who we are - a sect of skilled administrators, mentors, and thinkers bringing in opportunities for hybrid learning. Our teaching methods intertwine with the inheritance of traditional schooling and the modern technology of digital thinking. We’re the present-day change-makers, taking on the idea of future growth with a collective vision of entitled ownership, influenced communication, and shared ideas.

As the root of the word “Harmonious”, HS Memorial School considers itself as an extension of cultivating the core calibers of student leadership while balancing it with a rational bend of mind. We believe, our roles go far beyond the usual definition of Academic Excellence. We have a genuine intent to the overall character building of our learners – and this has been one of our key pursuits. By involving them into fun-filled engagements through Arts, Physical Training, Environmental activities, and Sports necessarily, we broaden the scope of your child’s endeavors and make it last lifelong.

Through routine parent-teacher meetings, we aspire to bring every stakeholder in unison, enabling parents and mentors to have extensive know-how of our students. Through a systematic spectrum of trained assistance, HS’s cluster of professionals assists our little scholars in fine-tuning their academic and interpersonal advancements.


Our Principle Objectives


Extensive student learning assistance through well-planned programs that hone their potential in attaining successive breakthroughs


Advocating and executing consistent student welfare initiatives to preserve the fitness, fineness, and the fabulous orientation of their psychological health


Endorsing responsive relationship building through sound maintenance of communication among the institution fraternity at every level. This shall create a sense of mutual respect among everyone and let our interests move in harmony


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