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5 Ways Students Can Benefit From Social Media

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5 Ways Students Can Benefit From Social Media

As nearly everyone owns a smartphone today, it becomes more comfortable for students to use social networking portals. Everyone can create at least one account in the popular social media platforms. Students are similarly utilising social media widely. While there remains a common perception that learners end up spending a lot of time in Social media, it can be utilised for several benefits.

Learning & Networking : Learning has advanced beyond classrooms where social learning remains promoted in virtually all the preeminent e-learning websites. Students can seek classes from e-learning sites and review their learning’s or difficulties using multiple social media channels.

Creative Expression : Social media enables students to communicate in various ways, like by sharing blogs, photos, artworks, videos, individual articles, audio clips etc. It helps students to explore their skills and think out of the box. Such things will help recognize the student’s abilities and provide them with further opportunities in life.

Global Exposure : Social media signifies such a comprehensive portal that learners can use to connect with people around the globe. They likewise get to know regarding the different cultures present throughout the globe. That includes their traditions, food habits, culture, lifestyle, language, and several more interestingly fascinating things.

Employment Opportunities : Social media encourages students to grab career opportunities. Numerous organisations update regarding job openings in their social media handles. Learners following these organisations on social media may apply by emailing them their CVs. LinkedIn denotes one such platform in social media where learners apply for jobs and internships extensively.

Social Media Marketing : Students can share any school festivals or projects utilising social media. Every school has an annual program every year. Learners can promote their program to ensure learners from different schools participate. Therefore, social media encourages students to serve on a significant platform.