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How to choose the right co-curricular activity for your child

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How to choose the right co-curricular activity for your child

How to choose the right co-curricular activity for your child?

Co-curricular activities are as important as academics for a child's wholesome development, especially in the earlier stages. Co-curricular activities stimulate your child's creativity and focus abilities which enhance his/her academics as well. But from the variety of options for co-curricular activities, how do you choose the right one for your child?

Here are some steps to choose the right co-curricular activity for your child:

1.Research your child's interests
What are the skills that interest your child? Which are the skills he/she is curious about? Is it singing, dancing, or swimming? Engage with your child to understand the co-curricular activities they will enjoy the most.

2. Narrow down your child's interests
If your kid is interested in singing, is it classical or western singing? If your child loves dancing, further find out which dance styles he/she will be interested in, maybe salsa, ballet, or classical. Perhaps your child loves writing. So is he/she more interested in fiction or poem or drama writing?

3.Do your Research
Once you have decided on the perfect co-curricular activity for your child, research the local clubs, communities, or groups that teach the activity your child is interested in.

4.Take action
Enrol your kid in the extracurricular activities he/she is interested in. Talk with the concerned teacher and fix a schedule that does not interfere with your child's academics.

Also, ensure that your child has at least some free time (both from academic and extracurricular activities) where he/she can indulge in entertainment. Do not spread your child too thin. Or else your kid might lose interest in both extracurriculars and academics.

How to keep your child interested in extracurricular activities?
Don't overdo it when it comes to scheduling extracurricular activities for your child. A maximum of 2 activities is good enough if your child is consistent at it. Co-curricular is meant to give your child some downtime and fun and not add to the stress further. Do not make it competitive.

Regularly communicate with your child if he/she likes the teaching style of the teacher, the environment of learning, fellow students, etc.

Co-curricular is all about experimentation. If your child no longer finds interest in a particular activity, don't force him or her to stick to it. Switch your child to activities that match his/her current interest.

Choosing the right co-curricular activity for your child is a big responsibility. If you follow all the tips above, you are likely to succeed in choosing it rightly.