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Interesting Facts About Oxygen

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Interesting Facts About Oxygen

You might not be aware of it, however, oxygen is present all around us. It is one of the reasons why you are still alive on this planet. Let's find out more about it :

1. Plants and animals need oxygen for their respiration.

2. Oxygen is a gas that is odorless, tasteless, and colorless.

3. Solid and liquid oxygen is pale blue.

4. Oxygen refers to a non-metal and has divalent molecule O2.

5. The pure form of oxygen is known as O3.

6. Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered oxygen back in 1773 but he did not happen to publish his discovery.

7. Oxygen happens to be paramagnetic because it is weakly drawn to the magnetic field, however, it does not retain everlasting magnetism.

8. About two-thirds of the human body mass consists of oxygen as hydrogen and oxygen make water.

9. It is the excited oxygen that happens to be responsible for the bright yellow, green, and red color of the Aurora.

10. The atomic weight of O2 is 15.999. It is generally rounded up to 16.00 when it comes to chemistry calculations. The atomic weight standard for other elements until 1961 was oxygen and later it was replaced by carbon within atomic weight 12.

11. We need oxygen to survive, however, excess of it can also kill us. It is as oxygen is referred to as an oxidant. With too much oxygen available, our body breaks the additional oxygen into a negatively charged ion that is reactive and can also bind to iron.

12. Dry air is approximately 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases.

13. Oxygen happens to be the third most element that is abundant within the universe. This element is created in stars that are approximately five times bigger than the sun.

14. Oxygen can be purified by this telling it from liquefied air. A simple process to create oxygen at home is by putting a fresh leaf in a bowl of water within a Sunny spot.

15. Freshwater constitutes approximately 6.04 ml of dissolved oxygen per liter. On the other hand, seawater only contains 4.95 ml.