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Benefits of online learning v/s offline learning


Benefits of online learning v/s offline learning

Benefits of online learning v/s offline learning

Due to the recent pandemic, many educational institutions were forced to shift to the online mode. Some students and teachers appreciated the change, while most didn't. Both online and offline modes of learning have their own set of advantages and problems. Let us see the advantages of both these modes of learning.

Advantages of online learning:

1.Better accessibility
One of the biggest advantages of online learning is that students can log in from anywhere in the world with apps like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. It gives a big location flexibility advantage.

2.More flexibility
Students necessarily do not find all classes equally important or all teachers capable of delivering lectures. It should be the choice of the student regarding which lectures they want to attend. Online education gives students the freedom to attend only the classes they find productive without the risk of "bunking".

3. Foster more interaction
Contrary to popular opinion, it is the online mode of education that encourages students to interact more with the teachers than the offline mode. In the offline mode, it is usually just the front benchers who keep talking with the teachers. The last benchers barely feel comfortable asking their doubts. But the online mode provides a better opportunity for every student to interact with the teacher.

Advantages of offline learning:

1.Lesser distraction
In the online mode of learning, there can be several distractions on your gadget, like streaming apps, social media apps, games, etc. It can be tempting to check these apps once in a while in between classes. But in offline classes, there is no access to gadgets while learning which creates a better focus for the students.

2. Socialisation
Online mode of learning can create a sense of isolation and depression among the students since they are mostly in an isolated environment every day within their homes. It takes away from their opportunity to interact in real-time with their friends and classmates. They miss out on the downtime they enjoy during canteen breaks or otherwise in the offline mode.

3. Lack of activity
Online mode of learning restricts the students only to academics and does not allow them to engage in extracurricular activities. This creates an obstacle to their wholesome development. Offline mode provides them this opportunity which gives both a refreshing break as well as makes students more physically and mentally active.

The debate about whether the online mode of education is better or offline is an ongoing one. Since both have their benefits, it can be difficult to decide. But ultimately it depends on individual preference.