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Protect Our Natural Resources For Future Generation

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Protect Our Natural Resources For Future Generation

We city-dwellers are so obsessed with modern skyscrapers and metros that we often forget how significant nature is to us for our survival and existence. We often forget how crucial ecosystems and biodiversity are for both humans and the flora and fauna. We are so addicted to modern technology that we do not hesitate to sacrifice even the non-renewable resources for our selfish wants and demands.

Let us have a look at some of the reasons why we should protect natural resources for our future generations

1. We can protect the natural balance of our Earth only by protecting our nature. If we do not save natural resources, our Earth will no longer be habitable for future generations.

2. A wide range of medicines and other productive materials produced by the industries are directly or indirectly obtained, from natural resources. If we do not preserve them, our future generations might not get access to so many beneficial materials.

3. The development of any country largely depends on its natural resources. Natural resources help in the economic enrichment of the country. They open up more opportunities for export, import, trade, agriculture, etc. For instance, mineral resources are vital for industrial development, and without fossil fuel, the energy to operate these large industries cannot be generated. If we do not preserve our natural resources, the progress of the country slows down, and jobs will be scarce for our future generations.

4. If the present generation irrationally consumes and over-utilizes natural resources, it can lead to various environmental and socio-economic problems that our future generations have to face.

Natural resources are only available in limited quantities and do not renew over time. It takes millions of years for natural resources to renew again. Over-exhaustion of resources and increasing population of our country can lead to large scarcity in the future. So we must conserve them for our future generations so that they get a fair share of our resources as well.

Here are a few simple steps you can take

1. Always try to recycle whatever waste you generate by organizing them in recycling campaigns.

2. Try to bring down the use of plastic and switch off your electrical gadgets when not required.

3. Try to use more sustainable means of transport.

4. Preserve rain water.

Conclusion : Natural resources are vital for the young generation of every country. It is our responsibility as the present generation to take care of our future generations and the resources of our planet.