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Ways to Reduce Environmental Pollution

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Ways to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Air, water and soil happens to be an integral part of our natural environment. Although immense concern over the ages has been on water and air pollution, controlling and preventing soil pollution is equally important as the other two. All of these can impact the water, air and soil quality as it is the home to a broad range of organisms and plays an integral part to the distribution of plant and animal species. On the national pollution control day, let us pledge to reduce environmental pollution through the tips below.

Using public transports

Public transport is one of the best ways to contribute to the already existing air pollution. It comes with less energy and gas. Even pool cars contribute to existing air pollution. Apart from that, less release of gas and fuels can help in saving a lot of money when it comes to using public transport.

Sweeping fertilizer and discarding waste

Sweeping or blowing back fertilizers onto the grass when it gets into the paved areas can help in reducing water pollution. Make sure to not put fertilizer on grass before it rains. The chemicals are going to wash away into waterways and storm drains. Compost grass or mulch or yard waste can be left in your yard if you cannot compost. Make sure to not blow the leaves into streets as it leads to pipe clogs and damages the storm drains.

Establishing soil environmental quality monitoring

One of the best ways is by establishing soil environmental quality monitoring networks to make sure of the enhanced monitoring frequency. It is additionally necessary for strengthening the management of soil environmental data for ensuring dynamic data update.

Reducing the use of single use plastic

The damage done to the environment by the use of plastic is irreversible. The environment has been adversely affected by its use and now, when the environmental threats are rising, the single use plastic needs to be forgotten for good. In order to counter the devastation caused to the environment for decades, we can plant more trees and find creative ways to reuse the discarded plastic.

Needless to say, change always begins with us and it is high time we step forward and control the damage already done to our environment.